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Up to 10% interest on your savings

Minimum investamount of € 500,-
Payment of interest starts right away
Start 5 year duration after recieving investamount
Sellable and transferable
€ 516.000,00 recieved
Target amount
€ 2.000.000,00
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Bondloan TrustInvest Company started

An investment in real estate

Here at TrustInvest Company we help local and international business with financing real estate. After a period of renting the real estate to the company we sell the real estate to the company. Of course, we need a lot of capital for this.

Bondloan (Series 2017) is for us the possibility to help more investers grow there capital. This sympathetic way of lending money makes it possible to raise our target amount of € 2.000.000,-, without the intervention of a bank or large financial institution.


What happens with your money

Every bond has a minimum value of € 500,- depending on the project and duration. The sale of bonds affords the purchase of real estate. We rent the real estate project for the duration of the project. After the maturity, the property is sold to the company. We only accept projects in which the company itself has substantial equity, which enables us to provide you with surtainty that when the duration has ended you will recieve all of the invested amount.

Our projects are worldwide en consists of Hotels, motels, resorts, factories, offices, houses and villas.

You do not need to know about real estate to participate. TrustInvest Company bonds are therefore suitable for anyone who can put some money aside.

As an investor, you are important for the success of our bond loan. But, of course, you do not invest for 'nothing'. That's why we offer you with TrustInvest Company Bonds a high interest rate (and an interesting dimension) that you do not have in 'just' savings or investments money.

On a TrustInvest Company Bond you receive a fixed annual minimum interest rate of 8% for a minimum of 5 years. The interest will be credited to your bank account every quarter. At the end of the term you will receive your money back. With current low interest rates, investing in crowdfunding offers you a better return than when you simply put your money on a savings account.

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How does it work, investing in Bonds?


Savely buy bonds

The bonds can be paid with iDEAL (the Netherlands only), paypal or by bank transfer. Your payment confirmation will be sent to you by email. After payment, you have 14 days to cancel free of charge.


Quarterly payment of interest

Each quarter you will receive interest on your deposit on your bank account. At the end of the term, you will recieve your entire investment.


Sell or transfer bonds

After registering on this website you will have access to your personal account. You can buy bonds and repurchase bonds. A bond may also be transferred to others.


Pledge Bondholders TrustInvest Company

Through this construction, the refund of your entire deposit is guaranteed. The purchased items are pledged to the Bondholders. All bondholders are automatically entitled to share.

How does TrustInvest Company operate?

checkinvest Review requested funding
findestate Search for suitable real estate property and rent it to our client
sellestate Sell the property to our client

Why invest in TrustInvest Company Bonds?

  • An important property of real estate is that real estate will only increase in value;
  • Against a background of economic uncertainty, TrustInvest Company offers its bondholders the opportunity to invest in real estate with a fixed annual interest rate;
  • TrustInvest Company's customers are wealthy buyers looking for special items and special experiences;
  • You are over 18 and you have at least € 500,-, then you can invest with us.

Buying Bonds, What Should I Take Care of?

With the purchase of bonds, you invest your money for a minimum period of 5 years. You will receive a fixed interest rate of at least 8% on an annual basis. This interest is credited to your bank account every quarter. After 5 years you will receive your invested money back

Freely negotiable

TrustInvest Company Bonds can be sold back to TrustInvest Company at the purchase price. You can also sell and transfer your bonds to others.