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Important Information
Customer service


TrustInvest B.V. TrustInvest company has arisen from a divorce of a private activity during crisis time, buying real estate to subsequently lease it to companies.
This is the starting capital of € 2,000,000,- earned by Mr Sebastiaan Kooijman to TrustInvest B.V. To set up.
As a result, we can guarantee you back your deposit after the bond's term.

Vision Sebastiaan Kooijman

In the period 2016 - 2018, I want to pick up € 45.000.000 (45 million euros) worldwide TrustInvest B.V. for worldwide investment so that a large number of investors can offer a better financial future.


The TrustInvest B.V. earnings model is shown in this chapter.

TrustInvest B.V. bought for € 2.000.000,- in real estate and is currently being leased. The rent cost averaged 10% of the purchase price, which enables us to meet the guaranteed 8% interest rate on the bonds. 2% is used for the business of TrustInvest B.V..

After a minimum period of 5 years, the real estate objects are sold to the landlord, with a market increase of at least 12% of the purchase price, our investors receive a 2% bonus rate.

Annual purchase amount € 10.000.000 (10 miljoen euro)

With sufficient funds from financiers and / or an Issue of Shares, TrustInvest B.V. forecasts 2017-2021 worldwide for around € 10,000,000,- (10 million euro) to purchase real estate assets worldwide.

Categories of business premises

1a. Industry 1-2 years 75% At a purchase value of € 445.000,-
1b. Industry 2-6 years 70% At a purchase value of € 445.000,-
1c. Office 1-2 years 75% At a purchase value of € 645.000,-
1d. Office 2-6 years 70% At a purchase value of € 645.000,-
1e. Recreation 1-2 years 65% At a purchase value of € 845.000,-
1f. Recreation 2-6 years 60% At a purchase value of € 845.000,-

Gross margin

    %-margin Sales value Gross margin
a. Industry 1-2 years 120% Of the purchase price is € 979.000,- € 534.000,-
b. Industry 2-6 years 115% Of the purchase price is € 956.750,- € 511.750,-
c. Office 1-2 years 130% Of the purchase price is € 1.483.500,- € 838.500,-
d. Office 2-6 years 125% Of the purchase price is € 1.451.250,- € 806.250,-
e. Recreation 1-2 years 155% Of the purchase price is € 2.154.750,- € 1.309.750,-
f. Recreation 2-6 years 150% Of the purchase price is € 2.112.500,- € 1.267.500,-

Sales turnover rate

a. Industry 1-2 years Sales after the 1st year
b. Industry 2-6 years Sales after the 1st year
c. Office 1-2 years Sales after the 1st to the 3rd year
d. Office 2-6 years Sales after the 1st to the 3rd year
e. Recreation 1-2 years Sales after the 5th to 8th year
f. Recreation 2-6 years Sales after the 1st to the 3rd year


aims to invest in business objects and to finance this by bringing together financial means by issuing Bonds and / or shares and / or otherwise obtaining funds as well as by Sale of business assets which belong to its equity.

Accountant and Reporting

will draw up the annual financial report by its accountant by 31 December of each year, for the first time on 31 December 2017 and in any case within 6 (six) months after each financial year.

The projected financial figures are forecasts, so future expectations. It is inherent in the nature of such information that it relates to a hypothetical situation and consequently does not reflect the actual position or results of TrustInvest Company. Actual revenues and expenses can vary considerably. The assumptions are carefully compiled based on knowledge and personal experience and taking into account the current economic climate. The final results may differ in positive but negative terms from the projected results.

Financial trends

There are no trends at TrustInvest Company about uncertainties, requirements, obligations or events that can reasonably be assumed to have a negative impact on her prospects other than as shown in the 2017 forecast.

Capital structure

The Loan Revenue, together with the deposit on the shares, serves exclusively for operation and for the financing of property purchases for TrustInvest Company. has forecasted a Private Power Including Reserved Reserves of € 15.366.000 (fifteen million three hundred and sixty-seven thousand euros) and a Strange Power of € 0 (zero euro).

Share capital

This is the capital that the shareholders have deposited on the shares by means of deposits amounting to € 2,000,000 (two million euros). About this contribution amounting to € 2,000,000 (two million euros) is no interest fee payable. During the term of the loan, no dividend will be paid for the benefit of the shareholders.

Capital need

The capital requirement in the 2017 financial year amounts to € 595.000,- (five hundred and ninety-five thousand euros).

Characteristics of financing

Scope of funding € 2.000.000,- (two million euros)
Interest on Bond From 8% per annum
Payment Interest Quarterly
Repayment 5 years after expiration date
Duration 5 years
Emission costs none

No bank financing

The Company does not intend to enter into financing at banks or other financial institutions but does not exclude it in case TrustInvest Company can not sell enough Bonds. If such a loan is established with a financial institution, it will in no way prejudice the rights of the existing Bondholders or object to the pledged assets of the Bondholders' TrustInvest Company.